Jose Lambiet

Is this ritzy Miami condo big enough to contain TV’s ‘El Gordo’?

Delivering semi-accurate gossip on Spanish-language TV sure paid off for Raul De Molina, aka El Gordo from Univision’s “El Gordo Y La Flaca.”

Lili Estefan’s on-air partner just paid $2.6 million for a new condo at Rise at Brickell City Centre.

And since De Molina won’t be beaten on the celebrity gossip front, he announced his big purchase himself recently on his late-afternoon show this week.

According to public records, the 58-year-old TV star and his wife Millie picked one of the building’s most expensive cribs, a four-bedroom, three-bathroom unit 37 floors above the common mortals in downtown Miami and his viewers on Calle Ocho.

The amenities include a 24-hour concierge and valet, fitness center, half-acre deck and several pools, including one designed for users just to stand around in cool water and shoot the breeze.

Wild guess here, but that’s probably where De Molina is likely to hang out.

The same county records show De Molina took out a $1.8 million mortgage from Sabadell United Bank to pay for his shelter in the sky.

“After living for years in Key Biscayne, I found this place to be one of the greatest places in all of the United States,” De Molina said of the Rise complex. He says he’s moving in Friday, when his furniture is scheduled to be unloaded. “It’s like living in Chicago and New York where you can walk everywhere.”

As for De Molina’s old $1 million condo at the Grand Bay Residences in Key Biscayne, it’s on the rental market. For $11,000 a month.