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Radio shocker: Shock jock Howard Stern takes a day off

Howard Stern
Howard Stern

Shock jock Howard Stern sent shockwaves through the social media world after the SiriusXM host took his first ever “personal day” and went off the air.

The rumors that Stern is ill even caused Stern’s wife, model Beth Stern, to issue a statement to New York media saying “everything is great. He is coming back Monday. He had to take a personal day. That’s all.”

Still, the man himself has yet to come out in public.

Fans claim the curly-haired trash talker, a part-time resident of Palm Beach’s Billionaires’ Row, has never missed a show before. And, coincidentally or not, he said earlier this year he wouldn’t do it unless a parent died.

Speculations have been swirling and the theories have ranged from the death of his parents to the 63-year-old host’s own health to trouble with SiriusXM to a recent lawsuit that stemmed from the show airing a confidential call between an IRS agent and a taxpayer.

Nothing’s ever simple with Stern, an avowed workaholic who is constantly in motion. Even when he’s off, he’s doing something.

Example, over the four years he’s lived in Palm Beach, the man has done an estimated $13 million in renovations to his 20,000-square-foot, $52 million house, which looked perfect when he moved in.