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Vanilla Ice to wife: You want a divorce? So do I

Laura and Robert Van Winkle
Laura and Robert Van Winkle

That’s cold. As Ice.

Former Miami Beacher Vanilla Ice, a.k.a. Robert Van Winkle, countersued his wife of 20 years for divorce Thursday in a Palm Beach County court.

In the paperwork, Ice says he agrees with wife Laura Van Winkle, who said in her October divorce petition that their marriage is irretrievably broken.

A source in the couple’s entourage says Ice spent the past six months trying to talk Laura out of splitting but grew so frustrated he kicked the case into high gear with his filing.

“There was no action in the file since October,” the source said. “That’s because he tried to patch things up, but he’s done this before and nothing came of it.”

Laura and Ice were married in 1997 and have two children together, but they’ve been living apart since 2011, Ice in a $1.2 million mansion in Lake Worth’s upscale gated community The Hunt and Laura in the pair’s old marital home in the Versailles development of Wellington.

In an interview last year, Laura told Gossip Extra they were separated but occasionally “dating.” That wasn’t enough for her.

“I gave myself a birthday present,” the Broward native and mom of two said in October. “I wanted to file for divorce for a long time but I was scared to do it, so I figured I’d do it on my birthday.”

The counter-petition Ice’s lawyer John T. Christiansen filed says Ice wants 50/50 custody of their children and, if Laura “litigates this case vexatiously,” he wants her to pay his attorney’s fees.

He also appears to make sure she understands he won’t give her alimony, saying “the wife can contribute to her own support.” Laura is asking for alimony after she spent most of her adult life catering to the rapper and his career and staying home with the children, according to her October petition.

While the singer had a whole bunch of lean years after his 1990 tune “Ice, Ice Baby,” including a stint as a shopkeeper in Miami Beach, he’s back in the limelight.

He has been a contestant in “Dancing With The Stars” and his DIY network show “The Vanilla Ice Project” is consistently the network’s most popular program.

The show’s seventh season is slated to start July 15 and, while he didn’t want to talk about his divorce, Ice took some time Thursday to hawk the show.

“I took an old beat-up built in the ’70s and turned it into a modern Polynesian state of the art [place],” Ice texted, adding that the property is a three-acre marvel on the ocean in Melbourne Beach.

Ice, what about your divorce filing?

“That’s a private family matter, and it’s no one’s business.”