Jose Lambiet

Alonzo Mourning: Healthy snack vendor owes me $600K

Miami Heat great Alonzo Mourning may be headed to a different kind of court this summer, a court of law.

Mourning, 47, filed a lawsuit against a Miami vending machine company that he says reneged on a contract to have his face on health and organic food machine throughout the area.

According to the complaint, Mourning’s 2014 contract with Gilly National was for a maximum of $671,540, including incentives over the course of five years.

The former center says Gilly made three payments for a total $82,500 then quit.

Miami-Dade County Circuit Court Judge Antonio Arzola has set the trial for three days starting Aug. 10, if the parties continue to refuse to settle.

In its response to Zo’s accusations, Gilly officials say the seven-time NBA all star didn’t hold his end of the bargain, and that the company paid exactly what it had to under the circumstances.

The market conditions in the vending machine business were such, Gilly claims, that it couldn’t have paid Zo all that cash without going broke, according to the paperwork.

And then, the company said, Zo refused to fulfill his obligations, including the search for suitable locations, two special appearances, hosting at least one healthy snack event, two meet-and-greet events his autographing up to 50 items for owners of locations for the machines.

Gilly also claims Zo broke the confidentiality agreement by placing the contract in the court file.

Scott Feder, Zo’s lawyer, says those allegations are “100 percent false.”

“I have emails proving he [Mourning] did everything he was supposed to,” Feder said. “They just signed a bad deal, and they’re trying to get out of it.”

Gilly’s attorney did not reply to a request for comment.