Jose Lambiet

Creditors trying to chase down Marlins hero Livan Hernandez

Livan Hernandez, the 1997 World Series-winning Marlins’ pitching prodigy, was back in town earlier this month to handle the season’s ceremonial first pitch at Marlins Park.

Hernandez, who appears to have moved to Puerto Rico, didn’t stay too long, however. Process servers were looking for him.

The baseball retiree, who fled Cuba in 1995 and landed a $4.5 million contract with the then-Florida Marlins before playing 17 seasons in MLB, has debts in this town.

And if you believe those who want to be made whole, the big right hander’s not paying — and he might not even be able to pay if he were disposed to make good on two judgments pending against him.

According to Miami-Dade County court records, there’s the matter of Yanelle Hernandez, a little girl fathered by Livan 14 years ago, according to court papers.

Yenni Avendano, the child’s mother in Broward County, sued for paternity last year, and Hernandez didn’t show up.

So a judge decided in March that the 42-year-old former Marlins hero would have to pay $1,341 a month in child support, with $10,000 in retroactive payments.

From what Yennis says, he has yet to make his first payment.

And then, there’s the matter of German Carreno Rodriguez, a local businessman who idolized Hernandez.

According to his lawsuit, Hernandez hinted he needed a few thousand to pay some bills, $220,000 to be precise.

Rodriguez offered to lend Hernandez the money for a “short while,” according to court papers, and the short while has turned into three years.

A local court entered a judgment by default since Hernandez didn’t show up in court.

Rodriguez is still waiting.

According to court files, Rodriguez found out the Marlins still are making some payments to Hernandez and filed for garnishment.

The court did ordered Hernandez to show up May 9 to explain why he has blown off the system.

Hernandez couldn’t be reached for comment.