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Artist: Cash Money rap boss ‘Birdman’ stiffed me

Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams
Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams

It’s an art-world Samson vs. Goliath story, and Samson’s winning.

Miami contemporary artist Leonor Anthony, 29, picked a fight with rap mogul Bryan “Birdman” Williams a few months back, and she’s got the Cash Money Records boss on the ropes.

Williams, 48, is this close to losing a condo he owns in Aventura because he hasn’t responded to Anthony’s attempts to get paid for two pieces of art she says she sold Birdman.

According to a lawsuit filed in a Miami-Dade County court, Williams commissioned two large canvases from the collage artist — one about dead rap icon Tupac Shakur and another inspired by Williams’ life.

For both pieces, Williams was to pay $10,000.

The lawsuit asserts that Anthony dropped off the canvases at Williams’ Palm Island mansion in the fall, but he has yet to pay. And he hasn’t given back the works.

In court, meanwhile, a judgment for $10,000 has been entered in default since the court has yet to hear from Bridman or his lawyers.

And now, Judge Patricia Marino Pedraza has scheduled a May 2 hearing so that Birdman can tell her why he shouldn’t held in contempt of court for his failure to respond to the lawsuit.

Worse: Birdman’s $300,000 condo at the Aventi at Aventura complex has been seized and is scheduled to be sold at auction to pay for the judgment.

Alan Soven, the music producer’s attorney, said he didn’t know anything about the lawsuit until a reporter called him for comment.

“Bryan is such as busy, successful entrepreneur that he can’t always pay attention to everything,” Soven said. “His staff is supposed to do that and call me to have me take care of it.

“Now that I know this is going on, I’ll call the plaintiff’s lawyer.”