Jose Lambiet

With ex-wife’s divorce final, could Phil Collins be considering a reunion?

Are wedding bells in the near future of Miami Beach rocker Phil Collins?


People in the entourage of the singer of “In The Air Tonight” are wondering whether Collins is considering re-marrying Orianne Mejjati, his ex-wife and mother of two of his children. One reason: She agreed to a divorce settlement with Charles Fouad Mejjati, the man she married after her split with Collins in 2008.

The confidential agreement spares the Mejjatis and Collins the embarrassment of a public trial that was scheduled to start in two weeks in a downtown Miami courtroom.

Collins, 66, the former drummer of Genesis, was scheduled to testify in the five-day proceedings designed to decide whether a post-nuptial agreement between Orianne and Charles, in which Orianne gave away most of her fortune to Charles, was obtained under duress in a period of time when she was heavily medicated.

The final judgment breaking the bonds of her marriage is yet to appear in public records.

But a source familiar with the case said the new deal signed Friday allows Orianne to keep most of the money she brought into her relationship with developer Charles.

In May 2015, Orianne, 43, signed away her $10 million Miami Beach house, a $62 million property in Switzerland as well as millions in child support for their 6-year-old son, Andrea.

The new deal allows her to keep the Alpine estate.

Charles, 48, got the house on Sunset Isles but has to pay Orianne half of its value. He currently lives there alone after Orianne moved her stuff to Collins’ house on North Bay Road last year.

And there’s no child support to be paid by either parent.

“She got lucky,” the source said. “She could’ve been wiped out financially.”

While Charles declined comment, Orianne’s Miami lawyer, Andy Leinoff, said the case was settled “amicably.”

“It was very contested,” said , “but everybody walked away believing they obtained a fair resolution. The terms are confidential.”

Leinoff and a battery of lawyers on both sides had a banner year since Orianne filed for divorce. Combined, they entered more than 500 motions and pleadings, bickering about Andrea’s passport or whether their boy would be allowed to travel to a concert appearance by Collins.

According to property records, Orianne moved to Miami Beach in 2012, four years after she made $50 million in her split from Collins.

Suddenly in 2015, Collins bought fellow singer Jennifer Lopez’s old house a few miles away for a whopping $33 million.

Collins then paid Charles, a builder by trade, to make substantial alterations to the property, where JLo broke up with longtime love Ben Affleck in 2004.