Jose Lambiet

Afraid attacker will return, elderly robbery victim sues WPLG, reporter


ABC affiliate WPLG-Local 10 and reporter Victor Oquendo were sued late last month by an elderly robbery victim who claims Oquendo illegally taped her voice then put it on the air.

The 79-year-old woman, Lynn Goldman, says she now lives in fear that her attacker will be able to use her voice — still online — to track her down.

Goldman, according to the lawsuit filed with a Miami-Dade County circuit court, “fears leaving her home and fears reprisal from her attacker.”

The man who punched her in the face, breaking Goldman’s nose and three teeth, took a $100,000 ring after she left Publix on Biscayne Boulevard in Aventura. He’s still on the run.

Oquendo didn’t respond to an email for comment, but News Director Bill Pohovey did: “We haven’t been served with the lawsuit and obviously can’t respond, but I can assure you no one did anything illegal.”

The offending segment first aired Jan. 27 and is still on the website . It shows Oquendo standing by the Publix saying that two women were attacked in similar fashion in the same area after their cars were rear-ended by the robber.

“We spoke to one of the victims,” Oquendo says. “She is 79-year-old and doesn’t want to be on camera.”

And while Oquendo doesn’t name Goldman, her voice can be heard explaining what happened. Speaking on the phone to Oquendo, Goldman explains the man who rear-ended her car got out and opened her door when she stopped and said: “Give me your jewelry or I kill you!”

In her lawsuit, Goldman says she didn’t know Oquendo was recording her at first because she asked him not to.

She’s suing for intentional infliction of emotional distress.