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Justin Bieber stiffed daughter at AAA concert. Now, mom wants him to pay.

In this May 22, 2016 file photo, Justin Bieber performs at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.
In this May 22, 2016 file photo, Justin Bieber performs at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. AP File Photo

The Weston mother who sued pop star Justin Bieber because he refused to show up for a private meet-and-greet session attended by her daughter is dead set on making him pay.

Late last year, mom Melissa Matthai and her daughter Gabriella were awarded $5,298.75 by a Broward County judge in a default judgment entered against the singer of Sorry.

And when they figured out the money was not likely to come easy, Matthai had attorney Scott Behren filed a motion to garnish Bieber's royalties and wages from Universal Music, the company that publishes his work.

With no sign of life from that company, Behren this week served the Fontainebleau Miami Beach with a subpoena to seize financial records pertaining to Bieber's appearance at the resort for a New Year's Eve concert.

The price of tickets started at $500 per.

According to the paperwork, Behren wants the Fontainebleau records so he can figure out the bank account number where the resort's check or money transfer was deposited. Once that's done, he'll file court papers to seize the money for his clients.

In January, Bieber was held in breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation, and found to have violated the state’s Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act when he held two Fourth of July concerts at the Triple A last year in Miami.

According to the lawsuit, Matthai paid $1,856.35 for her and daughter, then a 15-year-old student at Cypress Bay High School, to see Bieber’s concert.

The tickets included floor seats and a meet-and-greet session.

Bieber, however, decided suddenly there’d be no more close encounters with fans, supposedly because of a security breach.

The tour company promised refunds but, according to Behren's filing, they never came.

The default judgment was entered by Judge Jane Fishman. Bieber didn’t appear to have hired a lawyer to represent him and didn’t show up to contest the allegations.

According to records, the award includes the price of the tickets plus $3,240 in legal fees and court costs. And the award's been piling up interest to the tune of 4.9 percent a year.

Behren couldn't be reached for comment.