Jose Lambiet

‘You can’t serve a security guard. You can’t serve the maid or the gardener.’

On real life’s mean streets, no one in his right mind would take on Bryan “Birdman” Williams, the gangsta rap mogul whose talent stable once included Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicky Minaj and Young Thug.

But a courtroom is hardly real life, so Miami-Dade County Circuit Court Judge Rodney Smith shot down Birdman in such a spectacular fashion the other day that the founder of Cash Money Records decided to run to the local appeals court.

What did Smith do?

The judge ruled against Williams’ attempt to have a lawsuit from an alleged former employee who claims he is owed more than $300,000 in unpaid wages and overtime tossed out.

Why did Williams think he could get the action dismissed?

According to court records, Williams’ lawyers said Williams was not properly served the complaint from jack-of-all-trades Javier Nuno.

According to the motion, the process server handed the paperwork to a security guard at Williams’ $15 million mansion on Palm Island.

Smith ruled that was good enough, and Williams appealed.

“You can’t serve a security guard,” said Alan Soven, Birdman’s attorney. “You can’t serve the maid or the gardener. You have to serve someone who lives at the house, and I can promise you the security guard doesn’t live in Bryan’s mansion.”

In paperwork filed with the court, Soven has argued Nuno was never an employee of Williams’ and was merely a hanger-on who lived on the property for years and wouldn’t leave when Williams bought the place in 2012.

“The guy lived on the property for two years before we figured out he was there,” Soven said. “He didn’t do any work.”

Nuno’s lawyers, meanwhile, have argued he worked like a dog, clocking in 70 hours on some weeks.