Jose Lambiet

Who gets dead politico’s Maserati? Miami court to decide

Recently widowed “Real Housewives of Miami” star Alexia Echevarria just filed a lawsuit against her two stepsons in which she asks a Miami-Dade County circuit judge to award her exclusive use of the house she shared with Herman Echevarria as well as a Maserati

Herman died in September of an apparent heart attack. According to the lawsuit, Nelson and Herman Echevarria Jr., his sons from a previous marriage, sent the widow a letter in February promising to sue her if she didn’t turn over her dead husband’s estate, including the keys to the Maserati, the house and everything that's inside.

Instead, the self-described Cuban Barbie is the one who sued. She asserts Herman always intended to give her 1175 North Shore Dr. in Miami Beach, a $3 million mansion on the water near the Normandy Shores Golf Course.

Alexia married the politically connected Herman in 2004, shortly after he spent $1.2 million on the house, according to property records.

Alexia says in the complaint she was in charge of extensively renovating the property.

According to the paperwork, she and Herman signed a post-nuptial agreement in 2004 that mandated his inheritors to deed the house to Alexia at his death.

The sons, the lawsuit says, have yet to do that.

The post-nupt also read that Alexia would get to keep whatever car she was driving at the time of his death until the closing of estate proceedings.

The paperwork does mention Alexia and Herman were separated at the time of his death, something Alexia blamed in the paperwork as a “mid-life crisis” that led to “self-destructive behaviors” and his spending nights in the condo of a friend on Collins Avenue.

Yet, Alexia says in the paperwork, he continued to use the property as his own.

Alexia also asked the judge to force Herman’s son to pony up for her attorney’s bills.

“I can’t comment without my attorney’s permission,” she said Wednesday.