Jose Lambiet

Asking price for Hilfiger house in Golden Beach is just bananas

Threads maker Tommy Hilfiger listed his 14,075-square-foot Golden Beach mansion for sale Thursday.

According to records, Hilfiger, 65, wants a cool $27.5 million for the beachfront place he bought four years ago for $17.5 million.

The thing about the place at 605 Ocean Boulevard is how weird it looks inside.

Imagine Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein given an unlimited decoration budget, and you’re likely to get what Hilfiger is selling.

Hilfiger’s name isn’t listed on the deed. The official owner is a trust he controls called Villa Deniz LLC.

The seven-bedroom, 12-bathroom house was decorated by Martyn Lawrence Bullard in a cacophony of colors and wildly different design styles.

There’s the red-and-blue bedroom, reminiscent of the cubic designs on a Tommy polo shirt.

There’s the yellow polka-dot room. Polka dots on the ceiling, on the floor, on the walls.

There’s even scratch-and-sniff fruit wallpaper in two guest bathrooms. One smells of orange, and the other of banana.

And there is what looks like well-ironed aluminum foil on the ceiling of the living room.

The entire ceiling.

Hilfiger is threatening to sell the furniture inside to the buyer if that person wants to cough up the extra dough.

The house is listed with Jill Hertzberg of The Jills, who tells Curbed Miami: “The Hilfigers had this estate designed to be a glamorous, sexy home where they could showcase their amazing collection of artwork, as well as incorporate a ‘groovy’ colorful 1960s/1970s feel.”

Beyond the acid trip designs, the home comes with a peaceful oceanfront infinity pool and a private beach.

And since these things occur in pairs, Calvin Klein just sold his Miami Beach mansion for $13 million.