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Trump, Abe got North Korea missile news amid Mar-a-Lago crowd

Facebook post from Mar-a-Lago by Richard DeAgazio shows Trump and Abe huddling at the dinner table.
Facebook post from Mar-a-Lago by Richard DeAgazio shows Trump and Abe huddling at the dinner table.

Just months after he called for the jailing of Hillary Clinton for receiving classified information on her personal server, President Donald Trump dealt with an international crisis from his dinner table in the middle of a packed Mar-a-Lago club Saturday night in Palm Beach.

With a fancy wedding taking place in one part of the club and Trump entertaining Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the outdoors terrace, both Trump and Shinzo received word that North Korea had just fired a test missile that traveled 300 miles before crashing in to the sea near Japan.

Trump and Shinzo then discussed and processed the type of information that could start a war while sitting in the middle of a dozen tables jam-packed with Mar-a-Lago members and guests having dinner, and getting the vibes that something was amiss.

“You could tell something was going on,” said George Lombardi, a businessman who happens to be a confidante of extreme-right French presidential candidate Marine LePen. “I was about four tables away. I couldn’t hear anything, but the Japanese aides to the prime minister were walking back and forth really fast.

“Then one of our guys went to President Trump to say something to him. My friend kept saying, ‘Something’s going on, something’s going on.’

“Then they went back to having a good time.”

A few minutes later, Lombardi said, another aide brought a piece of paper that both Shinzo and Trump looked at under the light of Trump’s cellphone.

“Then they both walked past our table with a grim face to go make their announcement,” Lombardi said. “When we saw their faces, we kinda figured out it was serious.”

Trump declared before the press gathered at the club that he is 100 percent behind Shinzo and Japan, while Shinzo called the test firing “absolutely intolerable.”

Trump’s public display, meanwhile, led to a dozen Facebook postings from diners who sat near Trump.

One, Palm Beach Gardens retiree Richard DeAgazio, published a photo of Trump huddled with Shinzo at the table with the words: “Holy moly! It was fascinating to watch the flurry of activity at dinner when the news came that North Korea had launched a missile in the direction of Japan … Wow … the center of the action.”

DeAgazio has since taken down his Facebook page and isn’t returning calls.

After the North Korea press conference, according to CNN, Trump crashed the wedding, where the bridesmaids took photos with the prez and loaded them on Facebook.

Said former CIA Director Porter Goss, a resident of the Fort Myers area: “It doesn’t seem like the president was dealing with classified information. So, if he’s having dinner at his house with guests, more power to him. It’s just that it’s obvious the North Koreans wanted attention, and they got it.”

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