Jose Lambiet

Cop who shot unarmed man on bike now part of Trump detail at Palm Beach airport

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Adams Lin, who was found to have used excessive force when he shot an unarmed West Palm Beach man on a bicycle last year, has a new assignment that’s sure to raise eyebrows.

When President Donald Trump is in town, Lin supervises PBSO’s protection detail at the airport and is partly charged with assisting federal agencies with watching over not only Trump but also Air Force One.

And, a PBSO insider tells us, Lin was on duty Saturday night at Palm Beach International Airport and manned an office near the presidential plane and directed half a dozen deputies assigned to making sure no one messes with the jet.

And Lin is due to work this coming weekend when Trump comes back to Mar-a-Lago.

PBSO Sheriff Ric Bradshaw had railed against the jury that awarded Lin’s victim, Dontrell Stephens, more than $24 million then promoted Lin, a deputy at the time of the shooting, to sergeant.

PBSO Spokeswoman Teri Barbera didn’t comment but pointed out that Lin is one of seven sergeants assigned at the airport.

Bradshaw also did not comment. As for the U.S. Secret Service, the federal agency whose main purpose is to protect the prez and his Veep, a spokesman at headquarters in D.C. only said if a law enforcement agent is deemed fit to serve by his local agency, then that’s good enough for the Service.

“It’s a local issue,” the spokesman said.

Lin shot Stephens, an unarmed black man, in the back in 2013. Stephens was riding a bike and Stephens wanted to stop him for a traffic infraction. Lin said he saw an object in Stephens’ hand and was “in fear for his life” when he shot him.

The object turned out to be a cellphone.

Stephens survived the four gunshot wounds but was left paralyzed from the waist down.

PBSO deemed the shooting to be “justified” after an Internal Affairs probe, but the federal jury found Lin had violated Stephens’ civil rights by using excessive force.