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Judge wants to see gynecological records of ‘Real Housewife’

Joanna Krupa
Joanna Krupa El Nuevo herald

A Miami-Dade Circuit judge has ordered supermodel and former “Real Housewives of Miami” star Joanna Krupa to produce five years of gynecological records.

Say what?

Judge Pedro Echarte wants to see if Krupa’s doctors ever reported an unsavory odor associated with her lady parts.

Wait, there’s more, and it’s not false news … even if it sounds like it.

If Echarte finds a whiff of evidence of a bad smell in the paperwork, he’ll then admit the documents into evidence for the upcoming trial in a slander lawsuit filed by Krupa against “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” standout Brandi Glanville two years ago.

Krupa, 37, wants to make Glanville pay for telling the TV audience of cable’s Bravo that Krupa’s former lovers weren’t too impressed with her freshness.

Since the best defense against slander is truth, the judge decided it would be appropriate to check for himself.

“Originally, Brandi’s lawyers asked for 16 years of medical records,” said Ray Rafool, Krupa’s lawyer. “So, the judge decided he’d look at five years and decide for himself if the paperwork is relevant.

“This is nothing more than Brandi bullying Joanna through the discovery process. She needs to be punished.”

Glanville’s Jacksonville lawyer didn’t return a call for comment.