Jose Lambiet

Did 84-year-old Broward monk’s driving take a turn for the worse?


Is nothing sacred in South Florida?

An 84-year-old monk and his 800-year-old Catholic Order of the Capuchin are getting sued in a Broward County circuit court after a car crash that injured a motorist.

Monk Myron Kowalsky, who’s semi-retired in the Fort Lauderdale area after more than 60 years at the service of his Detroit-based order, allegedly cut off plaintiff Michael Whelan at a busy Wilton Manors intersection in May 2015.

Wearing his tradition brown robe, Kowalsky turned left in front of Whelan, who had the right-of-way as he drove straight across, the paperwork reads.

“At his deposition, the defendant didn’t seem to understand that rule,” said Sam Coffey, the attorney who reps Whelan.

According to his complaint, Whelan suffered “aggravation to a previously existing condition,” among other injuries, although they’re not described.

Kowalsky, who was at the wheel of a Chevy owned by the order, was not injured.

A monk who made a vow of poverty in a Chevy?

According to the order’s website, Capuchin monks’ “will to serve faithfully is sustained by our living a chaste, communal life. Morning praise, evening thanksgiving, and regular Eucharist are staples of our community prayer … By choise, our lifestyle is simple, but don’t confuse simple with harsh.”

The good news is, paperwork in the lawsuit seem to indicate a settlement is getting worked on.

The monk’s lawyer didn’t return a call for comment.