Jose Lambiet

Guess who’s Nayib Estefan’s mortgage holder? Mom and Dad

Catching up with Miami music’s first family . . .

Singer Gloria Estefan and husband Emilio have become their son’s mortgage holders.

According to Miami-Dade County records posted right before Christmas, the singer of “Words Get In The Way” and “Conga” and her producer hubby handed $1.25 million over to their 36-year-old son Nayib and his wife.

Wasn’t a gift: Mom and Pop had the kids sign a full-fledged mortgage deal that includes a foreclosure clause, then filed it with the county clerk’s office.

Way to hold adult children accountable!

The cash went to something good, though: Nayib's 2,800-square-foot Mediterranean revival crib in Miami Shores.

At 36, Nayib’s a popular DJ who’s known for his showing of old 35mm movies with his Secret Celluloid Society.

Meanwhile, Gloria and Emilio are finding out that selling one of their two houses on the swank Star Island is lot harder than churning out chart-toppers.

The couple’s 1.3-acre property on the island off the McArthur Causeway has been languishing on the market for two years, for $40 million at first and now for $37 million.