Jose Lambiet

Miami TV newsman Ike Seamans struggling with prostate cancer

Legendary newsman Ike Seamans has been admitted into a rehab hospital in Miami in an attempt to heal from his latest bout with prostate cancer.

Seamans, 78, is being treated with chemotherapy and expects to stay in the hospital for two to three weeks.

“I’m trying to get my energy back,” he said from his bed, “primarily through physical therapy. I’m not out of the woods just yet.” His wife MAry has been by his side, Seamans said.

Seamans, who retired from WTVJ-Channel 6 in 2007 after nearly 40 years in the TV news business, said he was first diagnosed 17 years ago.

“It was very mild at the time,” he said. “We treated it, and it went away. I was in remission all these years.”

But the disease came back suddenly in September as he was enjoying a second career as a senior model for magazine and TV advertisements.

He also had small roles in a few TV series filmed locally, including the canceled Starz 1960s show “Magic City.”

“Now, the cancer has spread in my body a little bit,” Seamans said. Including in my hip.”

With two 10-year stints at the NBC affiliate WTVJ and 20 more at network news as a foreign correspondent in high-tension areas of the world, Seamans is among some of the most seasoned reporters the city has ever known.

On his Facebook page this week, Seamans said he’d be taking a break from just about everything he loves, acting and posting on social media and writing occasional explanatory letters to the editor of the Miami Herald.

“It has been a pleasure knowing and working with all of you and I hope to be back with you before long,” he wrote.