Jose Lambiet

Heat’s Udonis Haslem dodges bullet in auto accident lawsuit

Even with the Miami Heat working on an impressive losing season, bruiser Udonis Haslem has something to feel good about.

A lawsuit brought against him in Broward County in the wake of a car crash was dismissed after his lawyers accused the plaintiff of lying about her injuries.

The case was abruptly dismissed three days after the motion dwelling into plaintiff Ana Rodriguez’s injuries was filed.

The motion accuses Rodriguez of attempting to perpetrate fraud on Haslem and wife Faith Rein.

At one point, the case wasn’t going well Haslem, 36. He faced contempt of court for his failure to show up for a deposition.

The paperwork shows Rein was at the wheel of Haslem’s Mercedes on West Atlantic Boulevard near Coral Springs in May 2013 when she crashed into Rodriguez.

Rodriguez claimed she was disfigured and suffered shoulder, back, head and neck injuries in the crash. She underwent shoulder surgery four months after the crash.

According to court records, Rodriguez is an Allstate insurance adjuster who “engaged in intentional misrepresentations about her prior medical history and accident” when she filed her complaint.

While she originally claimed she had never been in an accident before her encounter with Rein, Rodriguez revealed during a deposition that she indeed was in a serious accident in 2000 and suffered spinal injuries.

Haslem’s lawyers said they discovered another crash in 1993.

Neither Richard Valdes, Rodriguez’s lawyer, nor Genevieve Rupelli, Haslem’s lawyer, returned calls for comment.