Jose Lambiet

Whose fault was Miami security guard’s slip and fall at Tiger Woods’ mansion?

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A lawsuit brought last year by a former Surfside cop against Tiger Woods has been set for a jury trial, and Woods is on the witness list.

The legal fireworks in this strange slip-and-fall action are set to begin March 6 at the Martin County courthouse in Stuart.

And yes, the injury-stricken golfer could be called to testify and will be required to be on standby for most of that week.

Miami resident John Davis, the retired police officer, was working a private security detail on the sprawling beach-to-Intracoastal property of the four-time Masters winner when he fell.

In his filing, Davis says he slipped on wet marble while patrolling the $50 million property on Dec. 23, 2010, and injured his knee.

According to the lawsuit filed by Miami personal injury lawyer Michael Feiler, a badly oriented sprinkler-head made the marble walkway so slippery that an accident was bound to happen.

“[With the trial looming] we will mediate pretty soon,” Feiler said, keeping the door open for a quiet settlement.

In their answer to the allegations, Woods’ attorneys said Davis should have known the pavement was slippery and the only negligent party in this case was him.