Jose Lambiet

Miami Beach life coach who sued Enrique Iglesias: Never mind


A Miami Beach life coach who sued pop star Enrique Iglesias because Iglesias allegedly owed him $550,000 for one-on-one counseling services is expected to ask a Miami-Dade County Circuit judge to dismiss the case and apologize to the singer.


It now appears that Richard Easton, 61, who’s known in these parts as relationship guru Doc Delano, may have been conned into believing he was working for Iglesias when, indeed, he wasn’t.

Attorney Howard Srebnick, who represents Iglesias, issued a statement questioning whether Easton ever spoke or exchanged emails with the real Iglesias.

“Enrique has never had any contact with Richard Easton,” Srebnick wrote. “Easton’s claims are false, his lawsuit is frivolous, and I have put his lawyers on notice that if they do not dismiss the case then Enrique will pursue all legal remedies for making false statements about him.”

In September, Easton filed a lawsuit that included several email exchanges with someone he thought was Iglesias at the email address

The lawsuit claimed he and Iglesias were introduced online by a common friend, and Iglesias asked Easton to be his life coach for a year at a $550,000 salary.

So from May to November 2015, Easton and his correspondent exchanged 300 emails about intimate matters like Enrique’s desire to have a baby with his longtime galpal Anna Kournikova. Easton says he also spent hours on the phone with a man he thought was the singer, sometimes at 2 a.m. or 5 a.m.

In several interviews earlier this week, Easton said he’d never met Iglesias face-to-face. The two had agreed to meet during six aborted attempts, including one when the fake Iglesias asked Easton to fly to Mexico.

“Every time I tried to meet him, something happened that he texted me to say he couldn’t do it,” Easton said. “He’d say he had to fly out or he was too tired after a show.”

When Easton eventually started questioning why no money was being paid to him, the phony Enrique turned off the email account and the phone numbers they used.

So Easton sued.

Now, Easton admits he may have made a mistake.

“I had just broken up with a girlfriend when the emails with Enrique started,” he said, “and I’m wondering if she was the person on the web.”

As for the man on the phone, Easton now says he wouldn’t know if it was Iglesias since he’d never heard Iglesias speak before.

What’s the most disappointing for Easton?

“Whoever it was, I gave some darn good advice,” he said.