Jose Lambiet

Former Dolphin Tony McDaniel loses judgment, must pay Drew Rosenhaus back fees

Miami Beach NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus just won a judgment against former Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Tony McDaniel.

The ball player, who’s now with the Seattle Seahawks, was ordered by a Miami-Dade County circuit court judge to pay Rosenhaus $121,375 in representation fees dating as far back as McDaniel’s time with the Fins, from 2009 to 2012.

According to the paperwork, the 6-foot-7 McDaniel hired Rosenhaus to negotiate his contracts in 2010. For his services, occasional TV football pundit Rosenhaus was to get 3 percent.

McDaniel did pay Rosenhaus for his work on the Dolphins contract, and some of his fee for his first Seattle contract.


Not much: McDaniel, the paperwork shows, did send a $20,000 check to Rosenhaus last year, but he was way short.

With McDaniel going to Tampa Bay then back to Seattle, the fees have piled up, and McDaniel has been unreachable, according to the paperwork.

Darren Heitner, Rosenhaus’ attorney, declined comment.

But a source close to the agent said NFL players failing to pay their agents is slowly becoming a problem nationally.

“It’s become a part of doing business for agents,” the source said.

As for McDaniel, the judgment in Miami now needs to be transferred to the state of Washington so his Seahawks wages can be garnished.