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Alonzo Mourning sued a national vending company, and here’s why

Alonzo Mourning
Alonzo Mourning

Miami Heat great Alonzo Mourning might soon be $600,000 and change richer.

A hearing set for Thursday in a lawsuit brought last year by Zo in connection with a business deal gone bad could end with Miami-Dade County Circuit Court Judge Antonio Arzola finding a local vending machine company stiffed him.

The company, Gilly National, is accused of failing to pay Zo a five-year contract worth $671,540.

What did Zo have to do to earn his keep? Allow Gilly to use life-sized photos of him on some of its vending machines that dispense health and organic foods.

According to the lawsuit, Gilly was to pay Zo $110,000 for the first year and $161,040 for the fifth. He was to be paid quarterly, according to the paperwork.

In the end, the lawsuit alleges, Gilly made three installments and stopped without paying him fully for his first year. It’s unclear whether it even used Mourning’s likeness on its machines.

Once it was sued, the company was accused to trying to stall the legal process. The court papers showed Gilly’s first lawyer quit.

Thursday’s hearing is for a motion to find Gilly in default.

Gilly founder Gilda Rosenberg declined comment, as did Zo’s lawyer, Scott Jay Feder.