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Judge to Bieber: Appear in court or face arrest

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber will have to temporarily leave his European tour within the next month and fly to Miami for a court-mandated grilling — or he could face arrest in the United States in November when the tour ends.

The singer, 22, is being sued by a photographer in connection with a 2014 altercation between shutterbug Manuel Munoz and one of Bieber’s bodyguards on Washington Avenue in Miami Beach.

However, Munoz’s attorney has been unable to get Bieber to sit down with him for a deposition.

They two had at least three different dates, including when Bieber came to Miami for two concerts in July, but Bieber has kept postponing.

Wednesday, exasperated Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Jerald Bagley issued an order that accuses Bieber of “contumacious disregard” for his authority in the 2-year-old case.

“Justin Bieber shall appear for deposition in South Florida within 30 days of this order, or a writ of bodily attachment shall be issued,” Bagley wrote.

Translation: The writ commands law enforcement anywhere in the country to arrest Bieber and bring him to the judge in handcuffs if necessary.

“I’ve never seen the judge this angry,” a court observer said. “He pounded on the bench and shut up all the lawyers before he issued the order.”

So, where’s the singer of “Sorry” going to be over the next month?

He’s got concerts in Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Neither Mark Dicowden, Munoz’s attorney, nor John Bond Atkinson, Bieber’s, returned calls for comment.

Singer Justin Bieber drag-raced a yellow Lamborghini in Miami Beach before being arrested and charged with DUI in 2014. He cooperated with police and took a roadside test. He then appeared in court via video feed.

After his arrest on a DUI charge, a Florida judge ruled that singer Justin Bieber's private parts had to be hidden in a video released to the public. The video showed Bieber urinating at a police station in 2014.