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David Cassidy files for bankruptcy

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Aging heartthrob David Cassidy has filed for bankruptcy in a federal court in Fort Lauderdale, according to records.

The star of the long-ago sitcom The Partridge Family and singer of the 1970s anthem I Think I Love You reported in his Chapter 11 filing that he has nearly $500,000 worth of debts that he’s not able to pay back.

Cassidy, 64, who lives in Fort Lauderdale’s Harbor Beach, apparently let a credit line with Wells Fargo spiral out of the control. He reported owing the bank $292,598.

He also rang up about $30,000 in credit card debts with both American Express and Citibank, the records show.

He owes $105,000-plus to a handful of law firms based in Broward County, including $102,000 with Rodier & Rodier, personal injury lawyers in Hallandale.

There’s also an unpaid bill for $111 from his dermatologist as well as $1,420 in maintenance fees from a development where Cassidy lives part time in Las Vegas.

There were hints of Cassidy’s financial problems in the recent past. In 2012, Cassidy surrendered his $1.35 million investment condo in downtown Fort Lauderdale to a bank in a foreclosure action.

Now, the singer’s 6,400-square-foot Harbor Beach house is up for sale. It was first listed for $3.9 million a year ago. It’s now down to $3.2 million.

short on support?

Right in time for baseball’s spring training, new Washington Nationals shortstop Yunel Escobar has to fight off a baby mama who says she’ll have to apply for public assistance if the ballplayer doesn’t start caring for their son.

Cuba-born Miami resident Escobar, 32, was sued last week in a Miami-Dade family court by Lizzette Fernandez, who says she bore him a child in 2012.

Escobar last month signed a $7 million-a-year contract with the Nationals after two seasons in Tampa. Yet, says Ron Kauffman, Fernandez’s lawyer, Escobar quit paying for the child two days before Christmas.

“Mr. Escobar voluntarily admitted to being the father of the child,” Kauffman said. “The lawsuit is to make sure he supports his son financially.”

How much should Escobar cough up?

“With that salary, about $15,000 a month,” Kauffman says.

check, please

Lewis Kasman, who was famed New York crime boss John Gotti’s accountant and godson until he turned on the don to save himself from prison, could see time in the slammer if the allegations leveled against him are true.

According to court papers, Kasman allegedly stole a $5,296.54 check from the desk of Coconut Creek lawyer Nicholas Steffens and cashed it in Boca Raton moments later.

Steffens told police he didn’t endorse the check, which was made out to him by the Lee County Clerk of Courts, and did not hand it to Mafia turncoat Kasman. Yet, Kasman allegedly endorsed it himself to cash it.

Kasman, who moved to the area while under federal witness protection in the early 2000s, pleaded not guilty to forgery and grand theft.

Said Kasman: “I’ve been helping Nicholas out with all kinds of bills, and when someone borrows money, that person has to pay back the loan.”

Steffens declined to comment, except to say that he never borrowed money from Kasman.