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Traveler: Bedbugs devoured me at Trump resort

Eric Linder says in a lawsuit that bedbugs attacked him at a Trump resort villa.
Eric Linder says in a lawsuit that bedbugs attacked him at a Trump resort villa.

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite” will never sound the same for business traveler Eric Linder after his March stay at Trump National Doral Miami resort.

Linder is suing presidential candidate Donald Trump’s resort, claiming he was attacked by voracious bed bugs during his night in one of the property’s fancy Jack Nicklaus-themed villas.

And, according to the Linder, the insects left dozens of swollen welts on his face, neck, arms and back and made him weary of staying in hotels, even 5-star ones like Trump’s Doral.

“I was deceived by Trump’s image,” Linder said. “It’s a 5-star resort where this shouldn’t happen. It was really traumatic.

“Trust me when I tell you it is horrible to wake up in the morning and understand that bugs were crawling all over you all night. It’s a nightmare.”

Linder, 63, of New Jersey, works for an insurance company he declined to name. He said he was at the resort for a pension-plan convention when he decided to extend his time on the property for a short vacation.

“On the night after the convention, they came to my room in the main building and told me they needed to move me because they had problems with a pipe in the upstairs bedroom.

“So they put me in this Jack Nicklaus villa.”

Linder said the aftermath was just as harrowing as the actual night.

“I went to an urgent care clinic, and they had me cover my body with an ointment for 24 hours,” Linder said. “Then I went to my doctor once I got home and he put me on antibiotics.”

Linder said he refused to leave with the clothes he had at the resort, including several suits for business meetings, because he was worried he’d take the bugs back home.

He refused to say whether he supports Trump for president, but Linder said: “If I was for Trump, this incident would definitely make make rethink it.

“And I’ve been wondering if anyone will bring up bed bugs in his debate against Hillary.”

Efforts to reach Trump Doral’s attorney were unsuccessful.