Jose Lambiet

Dennis Rodman’s day in court set for Wednesday

A Broward County circuit court is scheduled to hear argumentsWednesday on why NBA retiree Dennis Rodman should pay an asset recovery company more than $25,000.

A lawsuit was filed against The Worm, 55, last year by Assets International.

In its complaint, the Michigan-based company claims Broward resident Rodman asked it to help him recuperate nearly $100,000 in overpaid state taxes from the day when he played for the Bad Boys of the Detroit Pistons.

Rodman, according to the lawsuit, agreed to give the company a commission worth 30 percent of the salvaged loot, a total of $28,815.

Thing is, according to the lawsuit: Rodman, who also played for the Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs, went behind Assets International’s back and asked Michigan authorities for his money, which was paid directly to Rodman.

Now, the company says Rodman still owes the commission.

Wednesday’s hearing is to discuss Assets International’s filing for a summary final judgment. Company officials say Rodman failed to file any response to their pleadings, and the judge should just declare him liable.

The company’s local lawyer declined comment, saying she isn’t authorized to speak with the press.

Brad Cohen, Rodman’s attorney, said the hearing shouldn’t even go forward.

“Dennis has no idea this is even going on,” Cohen said. “He hasn’t even been served the lawsuit properly.”