3 things you might not know about Ricky Martin

By Madeleine Marr

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Ricky Martin will be performing at Hard Rock Saturday night as a local stop on his One World Tour. And we so know he won’t disappoint. The “Livin’ the Vida Loca” singer is an old pro — the 44-year-old “La Banda” judge has been performing since the days of Menudo.

Here’s three things you may not know about Martin that we learned through social media.

1. He likes to travel: After spending the summer in the south of France. Martin recently took his two sons Valentino and Matteo on safari in Kenya, specifically Amboseli National Park, in Kajiado County. Also along for the adventurous ride was boyfriend, artist Jwan Josef. Cool selfies can be seen on his Instagram account.


Chasing. #Serengeti #Tanzania #Africa

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2. He has a new collaboration: Also on Instagram, we can see a picture of Martin and Colombian super star Maluma in Miami Beach . Hmm. Why are they paired? Looks as if there is a song, “Vente Pa’ca” (Come Here) in the works. The caption (translated from Spanish): Prepare yourself for what is coming. We are ready!


Get ready for what's coming @maluma #VentePaCa

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3. He is philanthropic: His first Autism Rocks concert in London did so well, Martin is planning another two, actually, in September. His anti human trafficking message during the One World Tour has been loud and clear. Do we love this guy or what?