Hot stuff celebrities love: Kate Bosworth’s skin mask

Joanna Vargas mask
Joanna Vargas mask


Joanna Vargas is all about staying organic — and catering to celebrities. The NYC-based facialist and skincare mogul specializes in anti-aging products for famous faces. The latest in Vargas’ arsenal: a product favored by Kate Bosworth, the Bright Eye Firming Mask. The actress raved that it is “amazing,” easy to apply and even increases circulation. In your face!


No better time than the present to start salivating (and prepping for a possible hangover) because Tuesday is National Rum Day. For vinophiles, swap out your favorite red or white with something completely different. For local hot spots and advice on cocktail ordering, check out Learn about a distillery and the process here:


Want to dance with Timbaland? Now’s your chance. The profilic producer is creating songs for STRONG by Zumba, a new high intensity workout. “I’ve always been into fitness, and music is a big part of exercising for me, and I feel like STRONG by Zumba was a great way – with my edge, my music style – to put it together,” the 44-year-old Grammy winner told the AP.