Miami rap mogul Birdman: I sleep on a million dollars

By Madeleine Marr

Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

Humble pie?

We don’t think Birdman is familiar with the term.

Appearing on ESPN’s Highly Questionable program Tuesday, the rap mogul was asked by hosts Bomani Jones and Dan Le Batard about the old story that the Cash Money Records co-founder uses his bed as a bank.

“I still sleep on a million dollars cash,” admitted Birdman, whose real name is Bryan Williams. “That’s just an infatuation for me in life. I do that and I'm gonna do that until I die.”

So where exactly is all the moola? Apparently on his mattress and “under my sheets.”

“I just feel the need to do that,” he said of his, ahem, security blanket. “I was fortunate to be blessed to be able to do it and I sleep on it every night with my Versace bedspread on top of it.”

Not everyone is so impressed.

Lil Wayne — who had a falling out with Birdman over creative differences back in 2014 — took to social media to call out his ex colleague.

The rapper tweeted, “highly questionable is highly questionable today.”

Yep, the B man is a bit of a showoff. On Big Boy TV, the Music Moguls star brought along two zippered bank bags packed with (you guessed it) stacks!

The question remains... if Bird is indeed also sleeping with Toni Braxton, how is their room for her in his lair?

Meanwhile, he’ll keep working. And spending.