‘Botched’ star Paul Nassif: beauty and the beach

Dr Paul Nassif
Dr Paul Nassif Handout

Dr. Paul Nassif was taking advantage of our slight “cool” spell on Wednesday by going for a late morning run in Miami Beach.

“There’s just the right breeze, not too hot,” says the plastic surgeon, out of breath. “I love it.”

The 46-year-old Los Angeles native has been on a bit of a health kick since his well publicized divorce from ex Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof in 2012.

In his case, the cameras added 10 pounds, maybe more.

“On the Housewives I was real chunky,” he says with a laugh. “In person I don’t look that fat.”

Recently, the single father of three has slimmed down and toned up.

“Obviously everyone’s weight fluctuates,” he says. “But I’m focusing on working out and watching what I’m eating.”

The trip wasn’t just about logging beach time.

The Botched star is here through the weekend attending the 1st Global Aesthetics Conference at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. Nassif will be talking about the latest cosmetic surgery techniques, with a focus on noses, aka rhinoplasty.

On his E! reality show, 9 p..m. Tuesdays, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star works to reverse disasters like errant lip implants and so-called Frankenstein breasts. Nassif and costar, fellow Real Housewives Bravolebrity Terry Dubrow, attempt to make patients look as natural as possible.

“The ideal is if someone asks you, ‘Did you lose weight? Did you do your hair differently?’ Did you get a lot of sleep?’ 

Individuals seek help at Nassif’s Beverly Hills practice for a variety of reasons.

“Nose jobs start when they’re teenagers. We see fillers like Botox usually in the 30s. In the 40s [and beyond] they want surgery like face-lifts.”

Some patients want to retain more or less what they were born with; others want to wake up from anesthesia looking like celebrities.

“Even though she’s not so much in the spotlight anymore, Megan Fox really has a beautiful nose so I have gotten that [request],” says Nassif. “In the old days it was Angelina Jolie’s lips. Now it’s Kylie Jenner’s.”

Going into production now is an E! spinoff Botched by Nature.

“They greenlighted eight episodes,” reports Nassif. “We won’t be doing complete makeovers. We are doing things that could affect lives dramatically. Things that people didn’t realize they could fix, like a giant keloid on the ear.”

He’s proud of both shows, and while he was never a fan of being on Real Housewives — “I only watched the first two seasons when they sent us the tapes” — he admits the exposure opened doors.

“I’m glad to be a part of Botched and I’m thankful for the opportunity,” says Nassif, who recently came out with an antiaging product line, Nassif MD Bio-Rhythmic Skincare, available on his website. “If you have to watch reality TV, this show can educate, but it’s also a cautionary tale.”