Interior designer Francois Frossard puts the ‘hot’ in hotspot

Francois Frossard
Francois Frossard Handout

Francois Frossard knows what gives a hot spot its pulse. As the man behind the design of such boites as The Forge, Villa Azur and dearly departed Mansion, Frossard — with a showroom in Midtown — has recently been tapped to bring his SoBe aesthetic to make over to his home country of France to Paris’ iconic Queen Club.

Why did you choose Miami as your home base?

I moved here the early 2000s when the city was booming with development, so naturally it was a great place to lay down roots for an interior designer. Beyond that, I always felt very at home due to the European influence here and really love the modern sensibility in this relatively new city.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

First of all, I’m a literary junkie — I read a lot of books and magazines ranging in topic from art to architecture to fashion. But sometimes, it’s the most simple things — shapes, textures, fabrics. Sometimes the room itself or things that surround you in your day-to-day life.

Can you talk trends?

The stark white-on-white look that was emblematic of Miami has been replaced with warm and welcoming themes. People are looking for the luxuries of home — mix and match, layered of fabrics, romantic lighting, big and comfortable furniture.

What makes a nightclub’s decor hot?

I [believe] in a new approach and style featuring different layers of finishes beveled mirrors, tufted walls, tables designed for large bottle service and luxury finishes.

Any favorite haunts?

The Delano is the original boutique hotel space. With those floor-to-ceiling curtains and mismatched furnishings, it still stands the test of time. A true original. The super traditional Biltmore still takes my breath away. You can feel the history and inspiration in every space.