Frankie Grande is thinking big

The Amazing Kreskin
The Amazing Kreskin

NEW YORK — If you think Frankie Grande is a one-hit reality show wonder, you’d be dead wrong.

Though best known recently for his appearance on Big Brother 16, Grande is a talented singer and performer, performing on Broadway in Rock of Ages last year, as well as Mamma Mia before that.

But Ariana Grande’s half brother, 32, is also a philanthropist.

Before Taiwanese designer Malan Breton’s New York Fashion Week show Thursday at Midtown event space Gotham Hall, Grande said he was headed next month to Senegal with international nonprofit program buildOn to help construct a school for underprivileged kids.

Before the trip to Africa, there was to be a pit stop in Los Angeles to hang out with Ariana.

“She’s doing great,” he said of the pop star.

Family is important to Grande. He was just back in his old South Florida stomping grounds over Labor Day visiting his grandmother, who lives in Delray Beach.

“I’m always on the move,” said the native New Yorker, who moved to Boca Raton when he was 10. “But I just had to go see my Nona!”

Grande added he would be making another foray into reality style television “very soon” but couldn’t get too specific.

“You’ll find out,” said the big time social media user, wearing a flashy black and white printed blazer with the sleeves rolled up. “Just tell my Miami fans to follow me on Twitter.”

Among the other bold faced names at the Malan Breton show: former American Idol judge and music producer Randy Jackson; Miss Universe Haiti (2014) Christie Desir; and one of David Letterman’s favorite guests, The Amazing Kreskin.

So what was a so-called mentalist doing at a fashion show?

“I like to see how humans hide their true selves shrouded behind clothing,” the 80-year-old (born George Joseph Kresge) said with a wink. “And, hey, it’s entertainment.”

Asked if he could forecast any spring/summer trends, Kreskin, in a smart beige jacket and red tie, said, “I don’t know, but everybody around here looks gorgeous.”

Nearby, throughout the rain-soaked day in Gotham, various fashion editors, bloggers and style watchers ducked into the Gregory Hotel in the Garment District for shelter as well as free WiFi and charging stations. Upstairs at the hotel, designer Kahrianne Kerr showed off her rocker chic wares. There were plush pillows emblazoned with ice cream cones, T shirts featuring colorful wine bottles and her signature dolls that are dead ringers for such celebrities as Anna Wintour and Beyonce. Kerr, originally from Iowa, will be releasing a children’s book soon: From the Farm to the Big City.