‘Bella and the Bulldogs’ star Lilimar Hernandez a Florida girl

Lilimar Hernandez
Lilimar Hernandez

Lilimar Hernandez is loving the Hollywood life, but home, is well, home.

The early bloomer, who turns 15 on Tuesday (she is celebrating her quinceañera over in Italy), was back in Miami recently seeing some friends and family and also talking about her role as Sophie on Nick’s Bella and the Bulldogs.

Born in Isla de Margarita, Venezuela, Lilimar moved with her family to Miami at age 6. Sometime while attending elementary school at both E.W.F. Stirrup in Fontainebleau and Marjory S. Douglas, little Lilimar — who is currently home schooled in Los Angeles — figured out she liked this whole showbiz thing.

Stardom was soon to follow after an open casting call in town back in 2013 for the show about a Texan girl who becomes the team’s quarterback — Bella, played by Brec Bassinger. Lilimar, who also attended Doral Academy, landed the role of Sophie, one of Bella’s pals. The season 1 finale airs at 8 p.m. Saturday; season 2 starts shooting this summer.

On her character, Lilimar says: “Sophie is very tough, very protective, very sassy, very clever. It kind of just came to me, but it’s nice creating your own person.”

Being on the set is “a dream come true,” and the cast is tight.

“We’re all really good buddies,” she says. “Sometimes we have weeks when we’re not working and we’ll all hang out and go bowling or to the mall or text each other and say, ‘What’s up?’ To be very good friends with your costars is very special and unique to have, I think. ”

Ironically, Lilimar is not well versed in the game of football.

“I actually barely know anything about it,” she says, laughing. “But I’ve learned a lot of the rules now. I’m a little girly when it comes to that.”

In her spare time, you’ll find Lilimar doing average tween things, especially reading young-adult novels.

As for her five-year plan: Lilimar plans to continue acting.

“It’s the one thing that defines who I am and makes me feel like I’m in the right place,” she says, sounding older than her years. “Working on movies would be such a cool experience.”

So L.A. is home for the time being.

“I love it,” she says of La-La Land. “It’s a 24-hour city, open all the time — party mode! It gels with my lifestyle.”

Though everything sounds fantastic in Lilimar’s career, she does warn there is a dark side to Hollywood.

Her advice to any kid —and parent of a kid — who wants to enter showbiz: “Take it easy at first, with acting classes and small castings. They may like performing in general at first because it’s an amazing feeling. But they have to want it themselves; you can’t push it. ”

More issues: Competition is tough for roles and once you get on a show, social media brings out the bullies.

“Your self-esteem has to be at an extremely high level,” she advises. “There are so many people wanting to bring you down and judge you. If you’re sure of yourself you won’t have a problem and can just roll with it like the big movie stars do. Me? I just laugh it off and don’t pay any attention.”