'Nazi scum, get out!' Milo Yiannopoulos apparently can't go out to lunch anymore

Milo Yiannopoulos
Milo Yiannopoulos Getty Images File

Milo Yiannopoulos did not get a warm welcome at one NYC pub on Saturday.

The former Breitbart News editor was literally booed out of an establishment, and there's video to prove it, posted by The Hill.

It was shot by Gizmodo reporter Brendan O' Connor

"Nazi scum, get out! Nazi scum, get out!" the angry mob chants over and over.

Yiannopoulos posted about the experience on Instagram.

The Brit seemed genuinely upset: "I was just shoved and screamed at by a big group in Manhattan and forced out of the place."

The former tech reporter went on to say that he was going to stay but that they blocked him from his table and "It was about to escalate into something ugly."

Admitting he was "rattled," Yiannopoulos went on to add a personal detail: "I have something to lose in life now. I don't know how I'd explain to my black husband that I got hurt for being a 'white supremacist.'" He married John Lewis last October in Hawaii.

Don't look for the alt right troublemaker, who owns a marketing company Milo Inc. in South Florida, to eat out in public much anymore.

"It's impossible for me to safely go out for lunch in most major cities in America because I supported Trump at the last election and don't like feminism," continued the Instagram post.

It's unclear whether the "Dangerous" author (who joked that he lost his Miami home during Hurricane Irma) knew he was walking into a landmine.

The bar was holding a luncheon for the Democratic Socialists of America, described on their Twitter page as "the NYC local of , the largest socialist organization in the United States."