Interior designer David Bromstad designs labels for Nestle

David Bromstad can make his coffee and design the creamer, too.

The HGTV Color Splash host decorated the outside of Nestlé’s Coffee-mate French Vanilla and Hazelnut bottles, now sold as part of a limited-edition product run in Target stores this month.

The blue and gold tones synonymous with the non-dairy coffee creamer flavors haven’t changed, but Bromstad made sure to add his own designer eye to the branding, despite the limited color palette.

“I actually like limitations,” he told

Nestlé initially approached Bromstad about the project, which took about a month to finish. He drafted about 60 designs, most of them digital. Sometimes, the design didn’t match the bottle, which needed to “wrap around perfectly.”

Since the bottles would be on store shelves only for a month, he wanted them to stand out.

“There is lots to think about — you have to pack a lot of punch,” Bromstad said.

The interior designer admitted that it was a different type of challenge, but he catered to Nestlé, as he would to any other client.

That he used Coffee-mate in the first place may have had something to do with it. Bromstad, who lives in Miami Beach, said the coffee creamer is a staple in his house.

The design star has also expanded his hosting duties, working as online host of the new HGTV series Flipping the Block, which premiered July 20. On the show, four teams remodel a condo while living amid the construction.

Bromstad likes having the flexibility to ask the teams questions that normally wouldn’t air on television but do make it online. He has found out a bit about the business behind the show as well.

“I have actually learned a lot about flipping, too, and a lot about budget,” he said.

Besides an upcoming fall shoe selection with Naturalizer, you can also expect designs fit for travel from him. Although mum on the details, Bromstad told us he will have his own luggage line early next year.

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