Prancercise is back

She’s back ... doing the happy dance.

In late 2012, Joanna “Fitness is Passion” Rohrback became an Internet phenomenon when she released her original Prancercise workout demo on YouTube.

The merry exercise lady doing her thing garnered more than 10 million hits, and the Coral Springs-area resident went on to star in John Mayer’s Paper Doll video and land a spot in a pistachios commercial (“Ready to cracksercise?”).

Rohrback’s new DVD was filmed at the verdant Peaceful Ridge Rescue nonprofit in Davie. And she’s exercising again, this time with horses, along with the ranch’s president, Victor Cutino.

So what is she doing, exactly? Let’s let the website,, describe her method of staying fit: a “springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation.”

In the new tutorial, the svelte, perky FAU grad and former social worker eschews workout attire for a smart outfit and jewelry.

“If I’m out in public Prancercising, yes, I dress up,” she says. “Prancercise is a form of expression. That’s my form of expression.”

Any plans for more Hollywood gigs? “Maybe,” says the New York native, who has no publicist or agent. “It’s a jungle out there.”

Sign up for a minimum of 20 minutes of coaching ($1 a minute) on her website, and Rohrback will send you a DVD.