Style Mafia founder Simonett Pereira: She’s the boss lady

There’s a new mob boss in the 305. The name? Style Mafia — and out-of-the-box fashion is the game. The brainchild of 23-year-old Simonett Pereira, the Miami-gal-by-way-of-Venezuela’s collection is sold online and in her Wynwood-based showroom.

We chat up the events-producer-turned-blogger-turned-retail-maven on her clothing “cartel” and more.

When did you have that aha! moment that fashion would be your career?

Blogging landed me a gig hosting an event for a startup app for buying and selling fashion on your phone called Poshmark. I became a suggested user on the app, and within a year I had 350,000 followers that generated crazy sales! After reselling different brands for about a year, I decided it was time to go to China and produce my own line. Online shopping is the new mall shopping.

How would you describe your label?

Style Mafia is a clothing brand for women who are innovative and have an interest in exploring new concepts through their wardrobe without having to break the bank. It’s affordable luxury.

What is the key to being an online success?

It’s important to keep in mind that people are being marketed by hundreds of companies almost every second of the day through online platforms and social media. My key to success is offering a quality product; marketing and presenting it in a way that makes you stand out above the rest and being persistent. We are constantly reminding people that we exist by producing creative content that we push out on our various online platforms.

Let's talk leisure. What brings you the greatest joy?

I love the process of turning concepts into creations and having people be into them is an added bonus! Seeing my stuff worn by strangers on the street is still so mind-blowing to me!

Any pet peeves?

I really dislike when people come into my showroom and say things like ‘I can’t wear this in Miami’ or ‘I would only dress like this in New York.’ Miami is a fast growing city, and I don’t see why some find the need to turn down their style game here.

What app can you not live without?

I’m a certified Instagram addict.

What TV show can't you miss?

Game of Thrones.

Greatest indulgence?

Malbec and sweets.

What shopping splurge is so worth it?