Mally Steves Chakola talks her new line of do-all products M. Steves

At just 35, Mally Steves Chakola is worried about aging skin. So concerned, that the Venice, California-based corporate lawyer set out last year to create her very own anti-aging arsenal, called M Steves.

If you’re overwhelmed by too many choices in this world, Chakola’s collection is for you. The Essential Beauty Tool Kit has just five products, an Ultra Nourishing Boost, Purifying Cleanser, Multi-Benefit Moisturizer, Anti-Aging Serum and Reviving Exfoliator. The so-called hero ingredient in the line is Chilean Rose Hip Seed Oil, derived from rose bushes in the Andes mountains.

“With a smaller menu, I want to underwhelm in options and overwhelm in effectiveness,” says Chakola while on a visit to Miami. “I’m a modern woman. I’m like, ‘Let’s get it done.’ ”

The stunning entrepreneur isn’t content to see her (mostly) all-natural wares in retail outlets like Ulta or Sephora; she prefers direct sales, where consumers have access to trusted advisors.

“I am looking for taste-makers, luminaries and just fabulous women who want to talk about the brand in key strategic markets.”

The multitasking stuff isn’t just for women. It has a big following of both male and female, famous and nonfamous.

“We’ve got rock stars, actors, chefs,” Chakola allows. “Men like that the packaging isn’t pink and frilly, just kind of clean.”

All your pampering needs are taken care of for under $300, the cost of a facial at an upscale spa.

“I like the idea that I can respect someone’s wallet even though I am a prestige brand with high quality packaging,” she says. “I don’t want to see you dividing up your purchase into five credit cards.”