Justin Bieber back in Miami for the holiday weekend

Justin Bieber made sure everyone knew he was in Miami over the holiday weekend, posting pictures of himself in his signature brooding pose from a balcony. And while Bieber may have looked severely constipated in those photos, he looked to be completely relaxed on a boat photo snapped by a member of the paparazzi in which the underage pop star is seen drinking beer.

LeBron James was seen having an early dinner Sunday at Zuma with business partner Maverick Carter and friends talking “business,” says our eavesdropper, No clarification as to whether that business involved pizza places or basketball, unfortunately. Seen early last week at Zuma was Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, soon to be opening his own restaurant at the Shelborne, snapping pictures and trying everything on the menu.

Cameron Diaz was seen Sunday hanging out with a male pal and his dog at Soho Beach House.

P. Diddy accidentally crashed his speedboat into another boat Thursday in Miami. That boat belonged to LIV honcho David Grutman, who was celebrating his 40th birthday. Puffy then sent Grutman an email saying “Send me the bill. I’m so sorry. And happy birthday. But for real send me the bill. God bless, Diddy.” Grutman’s reply? “Mo Money Mo Problems. Love Ya Buddy.” We spoke to Grutman, who said there was no damage to his boat.

Kevin Hart celebrated his 35th birthday Sunday at the Shore Club, joined by friends and bodyguard and sporting a “huge black and canary diamond chain.”

Los Angeles Kings centerman and sports reporter Erin Andrews’ boyfriend Jared Stroll was seen with male friends Friday night at E11even Miami. The group ordered a variety of bottles and shots and partied until 6 a.m. As he was leaving, Stroll was overheard telling management, “Wow. Thank you, great time. Save me a table on Saturday. I’ll be back.” As far as we know, that one night did him in, and he did not return Saturday.

Soccer players Jozy Altidore, Damarcus Beasley and Fabian Johnson were spotted supping Thursday night at Prime 112 before hosting the Fourth of July party at the Delano Beach Club. Boca resident Altidore wrapped up the weekend with a visit Sunday morning to E11even Miami, where he met up with friends in the party pit.

Two local teachers, Anais Young from Miami Central High and Phillip Pearson from Fienberg-Fisher, had the chance to meet Katy Perry backstage Thursday night at her concert at the AmericanAirlines Arena as part of Staples’ Make Roar Happen campaign, a collaboration with the pop star to support teachers during the back-to-school season. The teachers also brought along two lucky students — MCH’s Abigail Martinez and FF’s Marcelo Araujo-Cox.