Hang with a pop star Megan Nicole; real-life Doc Hollywood

Megan Nicole has more than two million subscribers on YouTube, so yeah, the B-e-a-utiful singer’s kind of a big deal. The Houston native, 19, is popular for her covers of songs by Iggy Azalea and One Direction, but she also has some original stuff. Meet the talented young lady from 1 to 7 p.m. July 12 at the opening of the new Kipling store at the Miami International Mall. Megan will give a free performance at 4 p.m. Reserve your spot:


Speaking of big deals, Coral Gables womenswear designer Oscar Lopez is featured heavily in the latest issue of Marie Claire. We’re talking a major color spread with the title, La Vida Lopez. There is a brief bio of the 41-year-old, who emigrated from Cuba and recently won Tim Gunn’s reality competition, Under the Gunn, plus pics of models wearing his awesome designs.


Miami Dolphins linebacker Koa Misi took a break from the gridiron to chill out with some penguins at SeaWorld Orlando. He and his wife, Lisa, spent the day with more than 250 penguins at the exhibit, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin.


So your kid watches a lot of movies and keeps asking about the world of make-believe. Inform them that showbiz is a reputable profession in which you can make millions and there are actual tools of the trade.

At CIFALC (a Spanish acronym for Centro Internacional de Formación Actoral or International Center of Acting) in downtown Miami, little people can learn how to be little Angelina Jolies or Brad Pitts.

At a camp for wannabe stars, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday ($150 a week), classes include red carpet strutting, table manners, modeling tips, and good old acting, which may be needed at some point. CIFALC, for ages 5-teen, is co-run by actress/drama coach/former BBC broadcaster Ellen Jameson. There are also per diem sessions on Saturday. More info: 786-985-8322 ;


Not too shabby: Miami native Gio Benitez came in No. 28 on People magazine’s Hottest Bachelors List, right after Drake. The former CBS4 reporter/Coral Park High School grad now works in NYC as an ABC correspondent. Benitez tweeted his appreciation to his 21,000 followers.


Dr. Leonard Tachmes makes sure he’s on top of the latest in breast impants, butt lifts and wrinkle fillers, but the plastic surgeon has other interests. His script, Dean Bailesol’s Journey to Surgery, recently won Best Unproduced Screenplay at the St. Tropez International Film Festival.

“I’ve never been satisfied doing what I’m doing,” said Tachmes, who used to own an eponymous art gallery in Wynwood. “My family and friends joked that I would never write this, and I finally decided to do it.”

Loosely based on Tachmes’ life, education, and sometimes wild experiences during his first residency at a Brooklyn trauma hospital in the ’80s, the dramedy is a combination of Animal House, M.A.S.H. and E.R. The Havana native, who graduated from Miami Beach High School, has been working on his baby for about 10 years. “I’ve been jotting notes, keeping a diary,” said Tachmes, who has offices in NYC and SoBe.

The writing process took only a few, diligent months in front of his computer, and then he decided to submit it to film festivals around the world. “I’d never been to the South of France. I sent it on a whim; they sent me a letter telling me I was in. I went out there and won. It’s very exciting.”

If the movie were to make it to the big screen, who would Tachmes want to play him?

“We need someone who can age from 18 to 28. One of these younger studs,” he said, adding with a laugh: “Maybe James Franco?”

As for the protagonist, Dean Bailesol, how he came up with the name is pretty amusing: “Dean was for Dean Martin, which my friends used to call me because I partied so much,” the doc explains. And Bailesol, Spanish for Sundance, is for Tachmes’ hero, the Sundance Kid.

Madeleine Marr