Michael Bay and Jack Raynor at ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ premiere at Aventura Mall


No doubt Michael Bay showed up on some Facebook pages Friday. The Transformers: Age of Extinction director walked the red carpet set up outside AMC Aventura at Aventura Mall Thursday night in support of the fourth film in the sci-fi franchise. Fans stopped screaming long enough to snap selfies with Bay, who arrived with one of the film’s stars, Irishman Jack Reynor ( What Richard Did).

Asked his opinion as to why Transformers does so well at the box office (the first one grossed more than $700 million), Bay was a bit baffled himself. “We just got back from China, and it’s massive over there. I was talking to my producer, and we just don’t understand why it’s so massive [around the world], but it is.”

Bay, who has a home in Miami Beach, credits his cast and crew for helping make Age of Extinction what it is. “When all is said and done about 4,000 people worked on this movie for a couple of years. That’s a lot passion.”

Reynor said the action-filled shoot was “exhilarating” but didn’t emerge totally unscathed. “I think we did about 80 percent of all our own stunts,” he said. “There was one day when I dislocated a couple of ribs, which is not quite as serious as it sounds, but yeah, uncomfortable.”