Chiquis Rivera talks mom Jenni Rivera and book, ‘Forgiveness’

Chiquis Rivera is willing to put the past behind her.

The eldest daughter of late banda legend Jenni Rivera is releasing her first book Tuesday, with a noon-time stop at Books & Books Coral Gables. The memoir is called Forgiveness (Atria, $16), about being molested by her father when she was a young girl after her parents split and how she found the strength to move on. (In 2007, José Trinidad Marín was sentenced to more than 31 years in prison).

“I decided to write it because I needed to tell my side of story,” said Chiquis before her trip to Miami. “As soon as I did, I realized it’s been a long journey and that I had encountered quite a lot in my life. And besides clearing things up, I hope to empower and inspire people who are experiencing similar things.”

Though the two women were estranged at the end due to a few ugly, unsubstantiated rumors that Chiquis clears up in the book, she thinks mom would be proud.

“I can almost hear the words in my head: ‘That’s my baby. That’s my princess,’” said Chiquis, who lives in Encino, California, not far from her hometown of Long Beach. “Our relationship was a love story. A love between mother and daughter.”

Memories, Chiquis has more than a few.

“She was definitely a strong woman. Iron woman! The best word to describe was the name of her [2013] book Unbreakable.”

The writing process was cathartic.

“I collaborated on it with a good friend, Maria Garcia. We would sit for hours and just talk. In the beginning. I would cry a lot. It helped me lift a huge weight off my shoulders. I still had a lot of resentment in my heart. I needed to go through different stages to then began to heal.”

Despite the painful memories and losing her mother in a 2012 plane crash, Chiquis has indeed moved on. The star of the web series Chiquis Confidential, 29, not only has her book to promote but an album —another first — coming out in the late summer/fall.

“I called it Ahora because it’s about living in the moment and appreciating the now,” explained Chiquis. “I feel that’s how my life can be summed up.”

Most songs are in Spanish, with two English tracks. No specific genre.

“It really has a little bit of everything — pop mixed with banda. I love all types of music and didn’t want to limit myself since I am my own record label [Sweet Sound Records] I was able to take my time with it. I want to give that to people. I don’t know anyone who listens to just one type of music — it’s universal and brings everyone together.”

Also happening: a budding acting career. Chiquis will soon start shooting an indie movie about the dark side of L.A. VIP nightclubs called Tattooed Love costarring recently booted Dancing with the Stars contestant Redfoo, one half of pop rock duo LMFAO.

“My character is Lola, described in the script as a feisty Latina looking for a rich man,” Chiquis reported with a chuckle. “I hope I’m not a total hoochie, but I think I am! The project sounds cool. I hope this is just the beginning.”