Celebrity trainer tells you how to get a sexy Victoria’s Secret body

Genetics can only go so far. Victoria’s Secret models work hard for their bodies. The ladies do get help from professionals like celebrity trainer Michael Blauner, who helps them meet their fitness goals and stay on top of the lingerie game. We chatted with the New Jersey resident after it was announced last week that the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will be held in Shanghai, China, and airing on CBS at 10 p.m. Nov. 28.

What is the most important workout routine in your opinion?

The one that you’re going to consistently do; therefore, it must be somewhat enjoyable to you. Of course, it must be productive and efficient as well. I’m a huge fan of intense fast resistance training mixed with natural body motions and stretching. This type of workout covers a lot of ground in one session. It should elevate your heart to a cardio fit level and at the same time, develop strength and a ton of lean muscle.

What workout do you recommend for someone who is low on time?

I like and promote a quick 15-minute workout. Take a circuit of five big motion exercises (squats/push-ups/pull ups/burpees/jump rope as an example) and go through each three times doing one set per minute. This covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time. There are countless exercises you can put in the circuit, or you can go out for a mile run or walk as quickly as possible.

Which of the VS models you work with are the most committed?

I put Rachel Hilbert through some pretty tough sessions. She’s in great shape. I do a lot of fast paced, high intensity training with her. I vary the workout using many forms of exercise mixed into one workout; it’s my own style: Individualism. Models need to train hard. Being in front of the camera, in front of the world, it’s a must! I think Adriana Lima is always in amazing shape. I never trained her, but I think she does a lot of cardio that includes much jump rope. She probably does light weights for toning that does not thicken the muscle – just tone. I also think Jasmine Tookes has a rockin’ fitness body. I gather she trains hard and includes a lot of squats and p90x into her routine.

What’s the best piece of fitness advice anyone ever gave you?

Years ago I met Arnold, THE Arnold [Schwarzenegger], and he said, “No matter what goes on in your life, you can always count on training. It never lets you down.” I think that remains true to this day for me. No matter what, I always feel better when I train, mentally and physically.

What is a typical workday for you?

I wake up at 4:30 am every day. Have a little coffee, get my thoughts together, and then I’m out the door. My first session usually begins at 5:45 am. I do a couple of early sessions, then have a quick breakfast on the run, then back to a couple more later morning sessions. Each client is totally unique and each workout style is equally unique. I push as hard as is appropriate, and the goal is everyone to feel great. I have a quick healthy lunch break, then train myself for 45 minutes of intensity. I then get my act back together, and go back out for one more later session.

Do you think Miamians have different fitness needs because we barely wear any clothes most of the time?

Yes! Knowing myself, I tend to kick it into a higher gear of training and cleaner eating when summer comes or when I visit Miami, so I think you guys are lucky to have great weather all year long that motivates you to stay lean 365 days a year.