Ed Sheeran makes special connection with baby at Miami concert

By Madeleine Marr

Here’s a feel good story to take you away from all the devastation going on in Houston with Hurricane Harvey.

On Wednesday night during his concert AmericanAirlines Arena, Ed Sheeran made a special connection with a family in the audience.


@teddysphotos Thanks for singing to Cooper tonight! ➗

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Wellington-based couple Rocky Smith and Harmony Smith are huge fans of the British singer and got quite the thrill when he noticed them in the front row. The couple was with their baby daughter, Cooper.

You can see the adorable exchange on Rocky’s Facebook page.

“Ed Sheeran we didn’t get a picture with you tonight, but you singing to my daughter was pretty amazing. We’ll see you tomorrow!” Rocky wrote on Facebook, alongside a video (Sheeran plays Orlando Friday).

“How old is she?” the redheaded star yelled down at them.

“One year!” Harmony replied, adding, “Her middle name is Sheeran!”

“The Castle on the Hill” singer look pleased at the huge compliment, telling the Smiths: “I’ve never seen a baby this calm at a concert. Just chilling there for the whole thing and you guys have been loud, you’re singing and she’s just kinda like...I love babies.”

He then dedicated his next song, “Dive,” to the child, wearing a pink bib.

Rocky told E! News that he played one of Sheeran’s songs while Cooper was conceived via IVF.

“We were trying for years to have a child,” he said. “It was Christmas morning of 2015 at 9:30 am. After the procedure, as my wife laid on the table waiting and hoping this time we would receive our miracle, I pulled out my phone and played ‘Tenerife Sea’ on repeat while I sat beside her holding her hand.”

Rocky, who happens to own a karaoke company called RockStarr Productions, told The Miami Herald that Cooper thinks Ed is singing her father’s songs.

“I’m a singer and I sing only Ed Sheeran to her,” he said. “She hears it on the radio when I’m not around and she’s looking for daddy. She’s been listening to him since before she was born. We had speakers that we could attached to my wife’s stomach where I would play his songs for her.”

So what is about Sheeran that makes Rocky and Harmony such superfans?

“Ed writes his own songs. Tells his stories like no other,” continued Rocky. “He loves his family and his friends. He’s not your typical celebrity. He doesn’t do negativity. And I can directly relate to that. Especially being a new father to someone who doesn’t know hate. We shower Cooper with love every day. She’s wakes up smiling every single day. I like to think we have something to do with that.”


Chance's jumper was the real winner

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Also at the concert, DJ Khaled and Chance the Rapper, who did get a pic with Sheeran, as seen on the headliner’s Instagram account, #teddysphotos.