Ex ‘Housewives’ star has a solution for single women

Ana Quinoces
Ana Quinoces

Ana Quincoces likes to think of herself as a fierce, independent, single woman, but everyone needs a little help sometimes

Especially with zippers.

You know what we are talking about, ladies.

Those dresses with the long, vertical back zippers can be tough to get on — and off.

When you don’t have anyone to zip you up, what’s a woman to do?

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” said Quincoces, who came up with a product called ZipEaze, a gadget with a clip that hangs from a zebra print lanyard. “My kids moved away. I was all alone, sitting around in a bathrobe, sipping martinis and smoking cigarettes.” (That’s a joke, folks.)

One memorable night the divorced mother of two was even forced to sleep in a particularly tricky high-necked jumpsuit.

That’s when she started using her noggin.

“I thought, ‘I can’t be the only person with this problem,’ ” said the former “Real Housewives of Miami” star, who found a lanyard in a drawer and attached a clip to it — and voila. “It took me about 45 minutes struggling, but I was able to finally get the zipper up and down. I said, ‘I’ll come up with something and use that premise.’”

ZipEaze, which can be found on and may be in some brick-and-mortar stores soon, isn’t all Quincoces has going on. Her line of Skinny Latina marinades are doing well and the “The Next Food Network Star” finalist is developing new flavors for fall.

“I call it cooking courage in a bottle,” says the coauthor of “The Versailles Restaurant Cookbook.” “It’s like crack. You can put it on anything — vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, even in spaghetti sauce. It’s a flavor enhancer.”

So food, reality TV — and now zipper helpers?

Quincoces, who has also guest hosted on “The View,” sure stays busy.

“I have this problem: I always have to be doing something,” she says. “If I’m not in a constant state of evolution, I’m stagnant and I feel bad about that. In the end it’s about solutions.”

But please don’t look for the gorgeous lawyer to ever do another “Real Housewives” show, in case Andy Cohen comes sniffing around Miami again.

She doesn’t regret the time on the show — two seasons, to be exact — because it’s “the reason I am here today.”

But Quincoces is more comfortable being an entrepreneur than reality star.

“I’ve reinvented myself so many times,” says the Miami native. “I’m not a member of Mensa. I don’t have millions of dollars. I’m a regular Joe, seriously. That’s my message. It’s important to me.”