Oscar Isaac getting into action roles

Finally! It’s Oscar Isaac’s time. The star of Inside Llewyn Davis, A Most Violent Year, and this month’s Ex Machina prepares for his arguably his biggest project yet — Star Wars Episode VII. The 35-year-old native Guatemalan who graduated from Santaluces Community High in West Palm Beach tells the April issue of Details he’s ready for his blockbuster close-up.

Isaac, who smolders on the cover, was recently cast as an archvillain in X-Men: Apocalypse, the next installment of the mega-franchise.

“In order to be a leading actor,” Isaac says, “everyone has to be an action star, to a certain extent.”

Details pays him an awesome compliment, writing that he’s “the most coveted actor in Hollywood who’s not yet a household name.”

Key word: Yet.


As if South Beach needed more drama.

Streaming this summer: The Hulu original series, South Beach.

The plot — a little Miami Vice meets Empire meets a telenovela — centers around the rivalry between the two most powerful record labels in Miami, as described in a release. Donovan Lear Entertainment represents Carmen Suarez (Miami raised Ana Villafañe, Hiding, Magic City Memoirs), a bilingual pop star who ia about to embark on a world tour. The chart-topper’s life is complicated when she falls for an up-and-coming DJ from ADLV Music Group, Donovan Lear’s rival.

More chaos goes down after Gus Garcia, the beloved mayor of Miami Beach, is murdered under mysterious circumstances. There’s also a subplot involving baddies in the criminal underworld.

Does this sound like something you want to watch?

“South Beach is the perfect setting for a fun, fast-paced, music-driven series,” said Bill O’Dowd, CEO, Dolphin Digital Media, which is producing the show directed by Joshua Caldwell (Layover, Dig). “The guilty pleasure themes of love, longing, betrayal and revenge are simply addictive, and are interwoven throughout the script’s captivating multilayered plotlines.”


Angela Simmons is becoming quite the fashion fixture around town. Rev Run’s daughter attended the Miami Open in Key Biscayne, taking in about three matches on Thursday. Dressed up for the occasion, the reality star hung out in the Lacoste VIP suite wearing the French brand with alligator logo pretty much head to toe. She attended with friend, “luxury ethical fashion designer” Hassan Pierre.