Immigrants posing nude on Instagram for July 4 all the rage


A lot of celebrities took a break from Trump bashing for the July 4 holiday and instead showed their pride for America.

Of all the social media July 4 photos of stars with flags, one of the most eyebrow raising ones had to be from Miami Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio.

Is the native Brazilian trying to get attention, or what?

Well, she got it.

On Instagram, Ambrosio stands holding a large symbol of the nation in her birthday suit, save for a pair of “Pretty Woman”-style thigh high boots.

Let’s just say she’s got the physique for such a pose, and it’s a free country, so why the heck not?

Not everyone was so thrilled by her pic with Old Glory. Comments included the words “vulgar,” “disgusting,” and “horrible.” Though the post did receive 261,996 likes by midday Wednesday.

Another nudie shot, sans flag, came from ex “Real Housewives of Miami” star Joanna Krupa, who’s living in Los Angeles these days. Apparently the Polish model doesn’t have too many neighbors out there because she is sitting on a rock by a pool, completely and utterly nekkid.

“Proud to be living the American dream!” wrote Krupa, who recently split with Mynt club owner Romain Zago.

If you want to the NSFW pics, go to the women’s respective accounts. We can’t post those kinds of things here, folks.

Or just take our word for it.