#RICHKIDS of Beverly Hills star: Name my hashtag

Some guilty pleasures are worth holding onto. What’s ours? Addictive reality television and far too many hashtags. E! Networks’ #RICHKIDS of Beverly Hills is the living testament of Beverly Hills, 90210, documenting the stories of young real-life millionaires — even billionaires. had the chance to chat with interior designer and #RICHKIDS star Roxy Sowlaty about home décor, spring trends and the luxuries of living in one of America’s most coveted zip codes.

If you weren’t living in Beverly Hills, where would you reside?

New York because it’s a fast-paced, design-ingrained city and one of my favorites. There is so much inspiration at every street corner. I lived there for three years and hope to always have a pied-à-terre there. The only issue is the winter!

Let’s say you’re designing a home in Miami — what would be your vision?

I would definitely have a very light and airy color palette — lots of whites, peaches, light grays, sea foams — and then mix in pops of bright colors through amazing art, since Miami is such a hub for the art world. I would also mix in Lucite, onyx stones and white marbles.

There are lots of hashtags involved in your series. What hashtag describes you best?

#RoxyGoogle because I have a contact or connect for everything and anything! All of my friends are always coming to me when they need help or need something finagled — I like to creatively connect people and fix things! Or #Princess because I appear as such a princess but am so low maintenance at the core, so I like having a sense of humor about it.

Anyone familiar with the show remembers the famous episode when your parents cut you off financially. How has your life changed since becoming independent?

I could not be happier and more confident since my parents did that. It was the biggest gift they could have given me as contradictory as that may sound. Supporting myself makes me feel so much sexier and more confident as a woman and designer.

You recently created a candle, sold on your website. Do you plan to do more products?

Yes! I plan to have a full home décor line. It’s been my dream since graduating from college. My candle, Princess, is the first scent I have released that will become a part of a full-fledged candle line. I’ll start introducing other home accessories very soon.

What’s your personal style when it comes to interior design?

I would say very glam deco. It’s definitely an acquired taste, so I don’t push that on my clients.

Aside from design, you’re known for your killer fashion sense. What’s the item in your closet you can’t live without?

I’m currently obsessed with my black vintage Hermès Kelly bag from 1988, which is the year I was born and named after Grace Kelly, who was so chic.

What’s your favorite luxury in life?


While visiting Miami, what’s your favorite thing to do?

A little beach time, a little shopping and a little clubbing.

What’s your go-to color palette this spring?


If you could impart one home décor tip, what would it be?

Buy a nice couch. Never buy a complete matchy-matchy sofa set.