Fashion blogger talks summer trends, Tyler Shields’ ‘art’

By Madeleine Marr

Priscilla Ford
Priscilla Ford Photo by Erin Marie Miller

Priscilla Ford manages to stay really busy.

The Los Angeles based model and boho chic fashion blogger splits her time between L.A. and her hometown of Miami, where she has a condo and mom still lives.

The Hawaiian born, Coral Gables raised clotheshorse is also trying her hand at acting, and will be soon seen on the festival circuit in the indie thriller “Without Disguise.” Her character has nothing to do with magazine spreads or putting an outfit together -- she plays a hacker in an alternate reality run by a mechanism called “The Algorithm.”

What was it like growing up here?

I love South Florida, I went to Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory School for two years before leaving to come back to the West Coast.

Tell us about a typical day for a model and blogger.

I’m usually up by 7 a.m. and then on my computer by 7:30, writing or checking emails. I usually head to the gym after, and then tackle whatever project or goals that I have that day.

How do you like the acting process?

It was an awesome learning experience. I’m forever grateful for that. It was a fantastic experience. The costuming was just mesmerizing. I was very fortunate.

Can you give South Floridians any advice regarding stylish dressing for the long, hot summer ahead?

The way people dress there to me is actually very inspiring. I'd say you guy's have it so down you don’t need my help! Whenever I do visit though I try to have a back-up hat in my purse in case it rains or the sun is too high. Sun block and healthy skin is always a great statement as well.

Any big trends you are seeing?

I have been noticing a lot of off the shoulder dresses and tops as well as big sleeves. Another trend is embroidered skirts and dresses and tops. Especially flowers!

What’s your go-to item to wear?

A white V-neck T shirt and a gold layered necklace is clean, chic and casual with some black booties. Sometimes I throw in an oversized watch.

Favprite item in your closet right now?

I have this wonderful dress from Alexis that I purchased from Koko and Palenki at the Aventura Mall. It’s something you’d wear at the Cannes Film Festival -- white lace, gorgeous.

A little birdie told us you are a cousin of Brazilian model Camila Alves. What’s she like? What’s her husband Matthew McConaughey like?

It’s fun when we hang out, or chat on the phone. They are both everything wonderful and more.

Last week on Instagram, you show a picture of you at a party with artist Tyler Shields, who helped Kathy Griffin put together the inflammatory exhibit of her holding Donald Trump’s head. What do you think of that?

There are other images that I can appreciate much, much more than this one. Ultimately, as an adult I see this kind of stuff as a way to drum up attention. It’s easier for us to have an opinion and move on. I respect Tyler as an artist and that needs to be set aside from this event. However, I hope that any children who have seen this image can confide in an adult safely. The images can be confusing to a developing child. Should the talent and photographer still stand by the art; Barron and any child whom may have gained access to the images (and is now in fear or confused) should be offered an apology or an explanation. As stated before as adults we know the difference — kids have a tougher time.

What else are you doing these days?

I’m currently writing two scripts for television series, auditioning and keeping busy.